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There are more files in progress.  Check back for new files and for updates on the files already  listed.  All files which are stored on this site are believed to be in the public domain.

  • John Welsey's Translation of the New Testament (PDF)(ODT)(NT) 
  • King James Version (Cambridge Edition) w/ Apocrypha (PDF)(ONT) 
  • King James Version (Paragraphed Cambridge Edition) w/ Apocrypha (PDF)
  • Old & New Covenants translated by Charles Thomson 1808 (PDF)(ODT)(ONT)
  • A Conservative Version NT v2 (PDF)(ODT)(ONT)
  • A Conservative Version New Testament Reverse Interlinear v2 (PDF)(ODT)(NT)(Miniscule Edition NT)
  • World English Bible 2008 (PDF)(ODT)
  • Septuagint Version (English Translation) by Lancelot Brenton 1870 (OT)(PDF)
  • Septuagint Version (Greek OT) compiled by Lancelot Brenton 1870 (OT)
  • Septuagint Version (Bookmarked, Scanned PDF of 1900 Re-Print)
  • Robinson-Pierpont 2005 Greek NT Byzantine Textform (Majority Text) (PDF)(NT)(MP3)
  • American Standard Version 1901 (PDF)(ODT)
  • La Sagrada Biblia - Junemann 1928 (PDF)(ODT)