Bible Paratroopers

Reaching the inaccessible with the accessible message of the Gospel, through the mentoring power of one-teaching-one.

****Available also for training seminars on evangelism and studying the Bible****

The Bible Paratroopers lesson materials seek to provide Bible training with a strong discipleship and evangelism emphasis for THE WORLD, initially in both English and Spanish. The lessons are designed to help missionaries and pastors with the tools necessary to guide believers into becoming leaders themselves.

The Bible Paratrooper lesson materials are divided into three levels. The first level contains the Foundational courses, suitable for those who want to learn the basics of what the Bible and Christianity is about and for homeschoolers. The second level Discipleship courses delve into a deeper level of biblical doctrine and also provide a hands-on approach to learning how to study the Bible and engaging in a life of practical service and outreach to others. The courses in Level 3 are advanced Leadership courses dealing with biblical literature and interpretation, discipleship support, and church planting from a relational fellowship group point of view.

We seek to not only provide lesson materials but to also provide a comprehensive framework of community and support to provide the necessary foundation for successful ministry for those who become a part of the mentoring team.

Please see the following resources for more information. To learn more or to become part of the team as a disciple, prayer supporter, financial supporter, or mentor, please contact us at

Bible Paratrooper Brochure Course Descriptions Level 1 Lesson Sampler Level 2 Lesson Sampler Fellowship Life Discipling Course

Click here for purchase information for the book containing the Level 1 Foundational courses. Also available is a book containing the Level 2 Discipleship evangelism and Bible study courses, along with the Level 3 Leadership biblical interpretation course.